An Evening of Entertainment: A Pictoblog

Mike the Pumpkin starts his evening by sitting out on the porch all lit up. Mike is getting kinda squoooshy, being that I carved him Thursday and he’s been sitting on the kitchen counter since then. Poor Mike. He looks kind of happy here though.

TheMan decides he wants to have some sort of requiem memorial toast to the recently late Anna Russell so we fix ourselves a drink of choice and settle in to listen to some tracks.

I get all lit up with rum and itty bitty cokes. They’re so cuuuuuuuuuuuute! TheMan is having scotch after a bloody mary. Do I need to capitalize that?

The Little Kitty sets herself up in her bookshelf office. She’s not sure if she will participate in the evening’s festivities but she’ll ruminate about the possibilities for a while.

I sit down to do some crocheting on my blanket project. It’s about a foot wider than I anticipated which is going to make it a big, BIG blanket when I’m done. Already, it’s reached a nice afghan size if I hold it sideways. I’m not keen on the sideways so onward I crochet! By the way, I don’t recommend crocheting while partaking of rum and itty bitty Cokes while listening to comedy. On the other hand, whoever gets the blanket will have a fun time playing find the rum errors.

Isaak wants no part in drunken crocheting or drunken music listening. He’s happy (and just a tad startled) right where he is, thankyouverymuch.

The Zombies spend the evening relaxing under the lamp before heading out to do their zombie stuff.


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