TheMan: He can usually be found residing at the Q house because…he’s my husband! Heh. He’s also younger than I am (robbing the cradle and proud of it!) by two years if you catch us on the right days. That’s what happens when you have a May/September relationship (bwa! In actuality, it’s January/July). He will vehemently deny any such thing and claim we are a year and a half apart, which is just a shade over a year which ought to count as such. I love to tease him about it. I also love to tease him about anything vaguely inappropriate sounding because he blushes very easily. And he has a mighty fine butt.

Mumses: My mom. Duhhh. I have no idea why I call her mumses because I didn’t always. I think it started up when I was in college. Anyway, mumses sometimes reads the booniverse if I have anything to say about her or if there are lots of pictures but she will skip whole sections that mention WARCRAFT or GAMING. Ergo it gives me great pleasure to stick both in her cast entry. Heh.

Mr. Paul: He is my somewhat recent step dad (since January ’04) but I’ve known him since forever. Or since I was about 12 or 13, which is sometimes one and the same. Everyone always asks so here’s the story of how he came to be Mr. Paul: During my snotty teen/tween years my parents used to go out walking every day and they would often come home with people they had met on their travels. Mr. Paul was one such guest but he brought corn to dinner to share so he wasn’t so bad. Still, the first words he heard out of my mouth were “Who’d ya bring home this time?” (directed at my parents). Always the charmer. Anyway, I was raised to always address grownups by their last name (with, of course, the appropriate Mr. Mrs. Miss title) but nobody told me what Mr. Paul’s last name was. Being the typical sassy t(w)een, I started calling him “Mr. Paul”, which satisfied both the grown-up titling rule and the lippy t(w)een attitude. After a couple months, he asked why I called him Mr. Paul and I explained that nobody ever told me what his last name was so I just tacked Mr. onto his first name and called it good. By that time it was too late and the name stuck.

Sis: My seeeeestor. She is 3 years my junior and a quarter inch shorter than I am unless we are sitting down. In which case I’m about three inches taller. She has a freaky tiny torso and cartoonishly long legs (35 inch inseam!), three dogs, a cat and an African Gray parrot that swears like a sailor with Tourettes.

DQ: See? I *knew* I’d forget some peeps. DQ is my sis-in-law and also my coworker. That’s how we met, actually – I was assigned as her “Work buddy” way back when and then I found out that she was pretty cool and hung with a bunch of cool people. DQ is possibly the second coolest craftsy person I know and can make pretty much everything out of anything. The MacGyver of the artsy world as it were.

DadQ: The Father-in-law. DadQ (also collectively referred to as “TheQs” when talking about him and MomQ) is a retired art professor who knows everything about everything. He is the demigod of artsy stuff so if you can’t figure out how to fix it, make it or design it, he can. Be prepared, however, to learn the whole history of whatever it is. There will be a test afterwards.

MomQ: The Mother-in-law. MomQ (also collectively referred to as “TheQs” when talking about her and DadQ) is a retired teacher, current lay minister, baker, quilter, gardener, geocacher, and lots of other stuff which I can’t remember at the moment. Her idea of a light Christmas cookie baking is to only make 6 different kinds of cookies. Crazy!


(Ordered randomly for the most irritation)

Dirge: Good friend of mine who moved out to Washington state *sniff* a couple years ago. Excellent person to have on your side but he’ll eat your face if you piss him off. He’s got a really keen mind for creating things like awesome characters, tiny painted minis, stories and ten year budgets down to the cent. You have to catch him on his third day of insomnia/kidney stone issues for the last one though.

Shar: Dirge’s wife and a friend of mine as well. She cooks a mean cabbage and I didn’t think I even liked cabbage. She also is in Washington *sniff!* which leaves me with…well none of my original friends left in the state. Damn you Boeing for offering Shar her dream job!

Badmovie: TheMan’s college acquired friend and one of the Smithee Supreme Committee Members, which means that he gets to watch bad movies and decide which bits to clip for the show. Badmovie also is the nexus from which “badmovie space” percolates to bring forth such things as the purple peep liter and cheddar cheesecake.

LunarGeography: Badmovie’s wife and Goddess of all sorts of things and stuff. I am lead to believe, however, that she is a very easy going goddess and will accept booz, chocolate or head scritchies as appropriate forms of worship.

Scott H.: Otherwise known as Scott H. He was a dojo bud of mine until we both stopped going to the dojo. He would be a bad movie bud of mine but he moved out to Chicago and no longer comes to bad movie nights. I guess now he’s an ex-dojo ex-bad movie but occasionally back in town bud of mine. He also is an audio genius who makes microphones out of Altoids boxes. Minty!

Rob: TheMan’s middle school buddy that he’s kept in touch with all these years. I can’t even remember most of the people I went to middle school with and they still see each other on a regular basis! Rob also is a part time Japanese translator on retainer for the JSFR and one of the Keepers of the Lore. Fucking Lore losers.

TheRCK: I have no idea how I know TheRCK other than through TheMan, who met her through LunarGeography who he met through Badmovie? Something like that. Maybe I’ll throw in a couple cousins twice removed or a sister’s uncle’s neighbor’s cats to convolute it even further. She is currently running the Amber game and is the mother of Baby D. Incidentally, TheRCK is not “Therk” like I always say in my head, or Thereick or even The Rick. It stands for The Red Cross Knight. I still say Therk though, even knowing the origins of the name.

Mssr. Gonkweasel: TheRCK’s husband, father to Baby D. and the GM of the Saturday game which has wrapped up and is no longer. I guess he’s the ex-Saturday GM then. I have no idea why Gonkweasel or Mssr.

Baby D.: Secret government project involving human/alien hybrid-no wait. Wrong notes. Baby D. is the preschooler ruler of the TheRCK and Mssr. Gonkweasel household, the 4 year old expert on dinosaurs and the person who discovered that peas follow a samurai code but peanuts cheat.