Tan Stafel? What’s a Stafel?

Whoever said that there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch didn’t work around here. I think they’re trying to fatten us up for slaughter or something. Pretty much every day this week there was a catered event.

Monday there was left-over meeting food of a chicken and pasta type. Tuesday was the Employee Appreciation lunch with Chinese food, as well as leftover sandwich boxes from a lunch & learn lecture. Wednesday had Don Carlos chicken enchilladas. Yesterday was a guest lecture with lunch to follow… I fled and had lunch with my fiancee rather than go to that.

Fortunately, the storm of catered food was enough to kick my slow brain into gear about the wedding catering folks. I called them and made an appointment for a tasting mere minutes before I got an email from my Fiancee telling me to do just that…

I did a whirlwind phone marathon of caterers a while ago, and a bunch of them sent me information packets. We went through them a month or two ago and narrowed the field down to the two who offered a selection that best meshed with what we were looking for.

Actually, for a while we’d had it narrowed down to three, but then one of them had a fire caused by a fallen power line…

Thursday after next, we’ll be visiting the more expensive of the two to see if what they offer is worth the added money… We have had good reports of them though. They catered my Fiancee’s sister’s wedding and according to her they did a great job of handling all the details in a low-stress kind of way.

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