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Out they go…

We’re sending out the last big batch of invitations! The only ones left are some stragglers that we have address questions about. The out of town guests got a quick little Survival Guide that should help them find their way around. It’s tough finding a good map of downtown Ann Arbor… The best one I was able to track down was from the Ann Arbor Visitor’s Bureau, and it’s got a fairly hideous selection of colors.

So what’s there to do?

The next batch of invitations should be heading out as soon as we’re done with the last insert… Y’see, we’re putting together an out-of-town wedding guest “Survival Guide” with information on hotels & such… It’ll also have a list of phone numbers to call if people get lost, and a list of planned events…
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Stampers cramp

We had a nice soggy three day weekend here, but we got a stack of wedding stuff done… My Fiancee and her mom did some test-baking of cookies for table favors, while I prepared about a hundred pages of parchment for use as invitations.
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They also serve…

You know, in all of the brouhaha about Origins and getting ready for the trip and the Smithee show and all that, I clean forgot to mention that we’ve passed another wedding preparation milestone. We’ve got a caterer for the reception!

Now, granted, we’ve just had the tasting and put down the reservation deposit, but so far I’m really impressed. We’re going with Katherine’s Catering, a fairly big local firm. They’re a bit more expensive than the runner up, but they take care of everything that we need.
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Tan Stafel? What’s a Stafel?

Whoever said that there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch didn’t work around here. I think they’re trying to fatten us up for slaughter or something. Pretty much every day this week there was a catered event.
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What Not To Do

Those of you who are going through the whole wedding process should mosey over to Etiquette Hell and take a look at some of the wedding stories they’ve got there. My fiancee introduced me to the site and we’re using it as a guide for things to avoid.
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More Registry Goodness

Bed, Bath and Beyond has become the yardstick by which all other wedding registries shall be measured! My Fiancee and I had a great time wandering through the store with a little laser scanner, debating the merits of various rice cookers and window treatments.
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Wedding Registry Woes and Wows

So we’ve been working on our wedding registry… It’s tough. We’re both old enough that we’ve got a lot of the standard kitchenware and appliance things that you’re supposed to ask for. We’re also notoriously difficult to shop for on ordinary gift-giving occasions like birthdays and Christmas.
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Rings and Things

We stopped by to visit the jeweler that my Dad has done a lot of work with and put orders in for the engagement pendant and the wedding rings.
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It’s the ring!

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