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Work Dream

Latest work dream: I was trying to troubleshoot a professor’s computer, but because it was a dream, all of the text on the screen kept changing. So I told the prof. “This will be easier to fix when we’re awake” and then woke up.

License Plate Wisdom

There’s a travel game we play where you look at a license plate and reverse-construct an acronym to produce the letters in the plate number.

This is what led to this morning’s discussion about the Ventilation Monkeys.

The plate isn’t important anymore. What’s important is that there are tribes of wild monkeys living in the HVAC systems of many large buildings. They sneak out at night and steal pencils. They rearrange office furniture so that you always wind up with the chair with the squeaky seat. They make bananas in the break room turn brown.

Through fear.

The bananas turn brown out of fear of the ventilation monkeys. Now you know.

Is this thing on?

Hey! Just an update – we’re still around.

St. Patrick’s Day

So, here’s a quick update on the weekend so far….
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Kid, I think you’ve had enough…

(And a link in case the embedded video doesn’t work)

Squamous and Rugose

I suppose it could be worse…

I write like
H. P. Lovecraft

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What the heck?

I wonder if this adaptation of the Pooh Bear stories is based off of my old comic?

Fun with clouds

And now, just for fun, a Wordle word cloud of the text from the play, “The Importance of Being Earnest.” Click to embiggen and to go to the Wordle webstie.

A funny little Warcraft thing

Iron Chef Leyden

Iron Chef Leyden

When you get a chef’s hat, you’ve just got to accessorize to match…

To Have and Have Not

This week’s comic is a rough accounting of life during wartime.