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Fun with clouds

And now, just for fun, a Wordle word cloud of the text from the play, “The Importance of Being Earnest.” Click to embiggen and to go to the Wordle webstie.


Hexagon Frost

Another bit of fun with Context Free. Sourcecode for this one is below the break.
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Color Tangle

Color Tangle

Working a bit with the Context Free graphics language. Kinda fun. I’m going to use it to help generate peculiar organic borders and decorative flourishes for some upcoming projects.

Playing with Brushes

An experiment with the iPod Touch and "Brushes"

An experiment with the iPod Touch and "Brushes." A blue alien eye in a pink alien face.


The song title is “Wasn’t it Beautiful While It Lasted?”

Art Museum Reflections

Inside corner and roof edge of the new University of Michigan Art Museum

Inside corner and roof edge of the new University of Michigan Art Museum

Desktop Spider

Got a fun photo for all you arachnophobes out there… Out of consideration for the folks I know who actually are arachnophobic, I’m posting it after this break…
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Rose Hopper

grasshopper on a rose stem

Thursday evening my wife handed me the camera and sent me outside to snap some photos of this critter who was hanging out on the rose bushes.

Sad Frog Drinks

Sad Frog

Sad Frog

Sad Frog drinks to ease the pain.

Why do birds suddenly appear?

Sudden Bird

This is not a case of “something the cat dragged in.” This bird actually few in on its own last night. I’d opened the door to check the mail and suddenly there’s this strange flapping and what felt like the biggest moth in the world fluttering up against my face. Then this guy zipped right past me, through the front door and around the living room before perching on a picture frame. Startled the hell out of me.

The song connection didn’t pop into my head until this morning, and it’s given me a case of the giggles all day.

“Why do birds… suddenly app AHHH!!! GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF MY FACE!!!! AAAHHHHHHH!!!”