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A Bottle of Jack Kerouac

In one of the classes where I’m a projectionist, they showed a documentary on Jack Kerouac. It included a few clips from this episode of William F. Buckley’s show “Firing Line”…

Honestly, I’ve got very little sympathy for Kerouac – showing up drunk for the show and blabbering on like he does is beyond unprofessional. But I can see why he’d need some insulation between himself and reality here. Every time Buckley opens his mouth and drones on in his smug, condescending voice… Well, if he were alive I’d want to slap him. As it is, I fight the urge to rent a back-hoe, dig him up and turn his blithering skull into a bathroom fixture.

Checking out the returns…

So, we headed to the local brewpub to watch the election results flow in. And to flow a little bit of beer into ourselves.

Ok. More than a little bit. It was a lot of fun – kind of like a sports event – with cheering and booing as various state results came in, “Oooh”‘s and “Ahhhh”‘s as close races flipped back and forth, and loud debates over what various results meant.

And, during a visit to the men’s room, there was a strange… oddity. From the time I walked in the door, to the moment I was done with my business, hands washed and walking out there was a guy in one of the stalls peeing. Continuously. Voluminously. Without pause or reduction of flow. This guy must have had a bladder the size of a watermelon.

It was awe inspiring and a little bit frightening.

Just voted…

My wife and I walked down to the polling place with coffee in hand, stood in line for maybe half an hour, and were out of there by 7:15. Plenty of time afterwards to grab some breakfast, mosey in to work, and generally have a pretty standard morning.

And no matter how this election comes out, having Sarah Palin on the Republican ticket certainly has brought Alaska more prominently into the public consciousness. My wife and I had an amazing time up there on our honeymoon. The wilderness is beautiful, and the wildlife is amazing. It was really thoughtful of the Republican Party to show the world such a fine specimen of the Red Baiting Wingnut Loon.

Just to be clear…

I usually steer clear of politics here, but I just want to check on something. According to John McCain, it’s bad to be a celebrity, right?
So, why was he not using this tactic when he was trying to win his party’s nomination over a former senator turned actor?
Also, doesn’t this sort of fly in the face of his party’s worship of a former B-grade Western cowboy?
Perhaps this is a new rule. In which case, I’m sure he’ll be very careful to not repeat mistakes like making a cameo appearance in the movie Wedding Crashers.

Fred Freakin’ Thompson?!?

It looks like the ex-senator and cranky character actor is considering running for president. Vanity Fair’s James Wolcott describes him perfectly as, “… a grumpy old dog farting on the front porch.”
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The only thing I’ll miss…

Looks like Granholm stays Governor for a while yet. Which means that I won’t be able to use this as a cartoon…


Well, if YOU guys think it’s a good idea…

So, there’s this proposal (link goes to PDF) on the ballot to ban affirmative action in Michigan. So far, I’ve seen tons of “Vote NO on 2!” signs. From what I can find, neither the Republican nor the Democratic candidates support the proposal.

So my Wife and I got talking about it, and wondering, “If both major parties are against it, then who actually supports this?”

Today I found out: “Leader of Michigan Initiative To End Affirmative Action Welcomes Ku Klux Klan Support.”

At what point do you tip over the cliffs of insanity? When do you think to yourself, “Hmm.. I’ve just been given a thumbs up from America’s oldest and most infamous home-grown terrorist organization! I must be doing a fantastic job!”



U.S. Constitution, Article II, Section III

Hey! Tomorrow is your chance to damage your liver with the 2006 State of The Union Drinking Game!


Ann Coulter says she loves to talk “with people stupider than I am.

Where on Earth would she manage to find them?