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So, I’m writing thanks to the wireless network here at the Bradley International Airport. We just got done with a lovely little Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Gaming convention at Smith College – our second year there, hopefully of many more. We’ve commenced the long journey back home, flying for an hour or two, then sitting in another airport for a couple of hours before flying for a few hours more.

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Ranking high on the “Whatometer”

I’ve added this movie to our Netflix queue for future Smithee viewing…

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Safe & Sound and in Ohio

The Smithee Awards are coming up again – the big show at Origins. Actually, we’ve got two big shows this year: the 16th show on Friday night and the Third MegaMetas on Saturday. Mister Smithee is the presenter at these shows, so a bit of the pressure is off of me. On the other hand, I tend to take care of the technical side of things, and there haven’t been many years when there haven’t been glitches and general problems with the Con equipment.

I remember it as though it were a meal ago…

Do you folks recall the “Veggie Booty” snack we served at the Smithee awards?

Well, the company that makes it certainly recalls it…



I’ve been clicky clicking my fingers to the bone working on Smithee merchandise stores. So far, the tally is at four, but I hope to have even more of them in the next few weeks.

First off, the Smithee Stores:



The first one will get you to a store selling merchandise adorned with the shiny! new! Smithee Awards logo. The second will take you to the Smithee Stupidest Looking Monster shop, home of the best in SLM gear.

And, as a bonus, the Smithee Ninja Boutique!



Just as a disclaimer, I do make a tiny bit of profit from these stores, as do the other members of the Smithee Executive Committee. Not a lot though. Probably just barely enough to offset a late-fee or two, or to buy a bottle of Sangria Soda.