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A couple years ago, my Wife found a book called “Poems by Beulah.” I posted the full story of finding it back in 2005. Since then I’ve done audiocasts of two of her poems – links to the audio files are at the bottom of this page. Interestingly enough, I’ve gotten feedback from several Beulah fans who have stopped by here.

I blame Google.

At any rate, in the absence of any official Beulah web presence, I’m going to leave comments open here, as a sort of meeting place for fans of the “Poet and Composer of Crossville, Illinois.”

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  1. So you’re a Beulah Kershaw fan, huh? Well, funny thing. I’m one of her great-neices and grew up with Beulah attending family functions–sequins and all. This was back when sequins were only worn at formals. To give you an update…Beulah is still with us and living in Crossville, but not in the best of health. My mother takes care of her and watches over her affairs.

    As Beulah’s generation of family members have passed, we’ve grown to appreciate her so much more and how she lived her life. Definitely a woman who didn’t care what anyone thought. She is the sweetest thing in the world and the best at self-promotion I’ve ever seen.

    Several of my family members have been looking for her books of poetry and old records. I have one cassette tape that I will never part with.
    I remember the day she asked my sister to take the picture for her book cover. It was taken in our house where I grew up. haha She was wearing a fur wrap and little tiara that had a broken spire. She was proud, flamboyant and smiling, you could imagine how pretty she was in her younger days.

    I’ve seen that you’ve heard from folks who enjoyed a good laugh at Beulah’s expense, and I can’t blame them. People would call and ask her to sing Happy Birthday to someone over the phone. She always obliged and didn’t think twice of it. The caller and friends would laugh and get a big kick out of it while she sang and played the piano. I’ve done it myself and while growing up, I didn’t broadcast to everyone that she was family…..I wish now that I hadn’t done that.

    So if you’re a fan, great! We don’t want people to forget her and remember how much she enjoyed those birthday calls. If you would like to learn more, feel free to contact me. We are full of some great family stories. 🙂


  2. I am sorry to hear that Mrs. Kershaw passed away. She was truly a memorable woman.

  3. What I’d REALLY like to see is some of her poetry from the 1960’s concerning the Vietnam War republished. It’s as relevant today as it was 40 years ago. Truly a woman of contrasts – a Rebulican icon in southern Illinois for six decades and one of very few American poets recognized for her works by the Soviet Union. She will be missed.

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