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A funny little Warcraft thing

Iron Chef Leyden

Iron Chef Leyden

When you get a chef’s hat, you’ve just got to accessorize to match…

Goofy Baloon Popping Game

Or, as they call them “Bloons.”

Be warned, it’s addictive. I’ve beaten it, and the first two levels of the sequel. The “Hard” setting has me baffled for now though.

Rules Clarification

I run a modernized Ars Magica game every other Wednesday. It’s a lot of fun, and it’s sometimes challenging to try to adapt a game system written for a Medieval setting to something set in the early 1970s.

Fortunately for me, I was able to borrow a huge chunk of the work from the house rules for a game that a friend of mine ran back in the late 90’s, but there have been several revisions of the rules since then. The last major overhaul I did was back in 2004 when I first put the Ars Moderna rules up on the web.

I’ve done some minor tweaking since then, of course. But since it went up, a couple of gaming sites have linked to it, so I figure I should probably do a better job of maintaining it. After all, every so often a player will come up with something so clever that the modern rule revisions need revising to deal with.

Like using a typewriter.

Yes, yes, it should be blindingly obvious that typing is faster than writing things out longhand. And a typed document is easier to read than a handwritten one. But how do you quantify those differences? Well, after hashing things out in e-mail, this is what we came up with.

If you have flash…

This game will eat your afternoon.

Flash PlayerSnapz001.png

Steer by pointing with your mouse. Accelerate by holding down the button. Glowing blue protozoa will make you float up, glowing red ones will pull you down.

It’s a start…

This is a work in progress, but here’s a set of partial rules for a Ghost Hunters Drinking Game!

Any suggestions for additions should be sent to the obfuscated e-mail address in the navigation bar over there on the left…

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Dead Gnome Float

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Web-based undead

These two guys have written web-based “undead vs. the living” games. One of them, urbandead.com, is a post-zombie apocalypse game where you can play either a human or a zombie. The other is called “Vampires! The Dark Alleyway.” (note – if you join the Vampire game via this link it’ll list my character as the one who turned you into a vampire)
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