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Victor 22279 – Halloween Musical Special

T’Ain’t No Sin – George Olsen and His Music. 3.9 MB mp3 file.

Can’t You Understand? – The High Hatters. 5.4 MB mp3 file.

Victor 22279 sides A and B from 1929. The “A” side is what earned this record the special update for today. It’s a damn fine tune, just slightly creepy and eminently danceable. If I had a band of my own, I’d totally do an updated cover of this.

Victor 20488

You Only Want Me When You’re Lonesome – Nat Shilkret and the Victor Orchestra, 6.4 MB mp3 file.

Waters of the Perkiomen – The Troubadours, 6.6 MB mp3 file.

Victor 60094

The Same as His Faither Was Before Him – Harry Lauder, 4.6 MB mp3 file.

Another Harry Lauder tune. This is the purple-labeled, single-sided 1913 release. Sound quality is pretty good, with a few blips on the high notes.

Victrola 865

Beautiful Isle of Somewhere – Evan Williams, 6.2 MB mp3 file.

The Ninety and Nine – Evan Williams, 6.3 MB mp3 file.

A pair of 1914 recordings by the famous tenor singer. According to the wikpedia article I found, prior to his death in 1918, he was the third highest selling artist on the Victrola label.

Victor 19808

Bam Bam Bamy Shore – Roger Wolfe Kahn and his Hotel Biltmore Orchestra, 6.2 MB mp3 file.

Look Who’s Here – Roger Wolfe Kahn and his Hotel Biltmore Orchestra, 6.1 MB mp3 file.

Two highly danceable tunes from 1925.

Victor 1743

Second Connecticut March – American Band of Providence, 5.4 MB mp3 file.

Another single-sided record, this one from 1902. There’s quite a bit of static, but the sound is pretty good, all things considered.

Victor 19786

Angry – Johnny Hamp’s Kentucky Serenaders, 5.6 MB mp3 file.

Oh Say! Can I See You To-night – Johnny Hamp’s Kentucky Serenaders, 6.3 MB mp3 file.

These two tracks cleaned up pretty nicely, with a minor problem: there’s a kind of bizarre stereo effect that sort of ‘wobbles’ from ear to ear on the first one.

Victor 35302

The Trail of the Lonesome Pine Medley – Victor Military Band, 6.2 MB mp3 file.

I’m Going Back to Memphis Tennessee – Victor Military Band, 6.3 MB mp3 file.

A couple of fast marches by the Victor Military Band. There’s a bit of static & cleanup artifact on the second track, but it’s still quite bouncy.

Victor 20115

Only You and Lonely Me – Phillip Spitalny and His Orchestra, 6.7 MB mp3 file.

Hello Baby – Phillip Spitalny and His Orchestra, 6.3 MB mp3 file.

Victor 74205 – No Noise Reduction

Answer (Robyn) – No Cleanup – Evan Williams, 3.4 MB mp3 file.

Yes, this is the same tune I posted last week. I figured it’d be kind of interesting to post the uncorrected file, scratches and all, so that you’d have a baseline file to compare to the quality of the tunes I’ve been posting. I did take the step of converting it from 45 RPM to 78, but otherwise it’s untouched.