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Redesigned with pants

A slightly topical comic this week. In case you hadn’t heard the news, Wonder Woman has had her costume redesigned with pants.

Posting Guests

This week’s comic was originally a guest strip I did for the (now sadly defunct) webcomic “Gravytrain”.

What the heck?

I wonder if this adaptation of the Pooh Bear stories is based off of my old comic?

An awesome comic

Gunnerkrigg Court.

Just go read all the archives, OK? It’s very much worth it.

Eco-Comics: I’m really geeking out about ’em.

Ok, let me just reiterate how much I’m loving Eco-Comics. The authors have just spent a couple days analyzing the return on investment for Batman villains cooperating. Using a combination of the Prisoner’s Dilemma and Utility Analysis they’ve determined that the best course of action is for members of Batman’s “Rouge’s Gallery” to pretend to cooperate, and then betray each other.

Economics + Comics = Eco-Comics

From the Eco-Comics article, “Where Does the Canadian Government Get the Money from to Keep Making Super-Soldiers?”:

[…] someone in the Canadian government was still there to provide funding for Weapon X, whatever its intended purpose may have been. And I’m sure they had to receive progress reports such as: “We created a supersoldier with a healing ability and an indestructible skeleton. And he was really cool. But then he killed all of the scientists and the guards… and he’s living in the woods now. So… we need more money.”

And Canada, true and loyal country that it is, kept footing the bill. And Weapon X kept on chugging, giving bionic enhancements and healing factors to the clinically insane. Now that’s good government.

Observer Paradox

The comic for this week has a vaguely VH1 / Behind the Music sort of feel to it.

Searching and Researching

I’d like to thank Axiom Destruction Labs for sponsoring the research on this week’s comic.

Counting your chickens

This week’s comic is entirely my Wife’s fault.

It’s going around

This week’s new comic is a bit contagious.