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Found it!

You know how a football bounces? End over end, all confusing and random? If you can predict, 100%, where a ball will land after wobbling all over the field after a missed catch, then I know a couple dozen NFL teams that would really like to talk to you.

The reason I bring this up has to do with the shape of the GPS receiver. Y’see, it’s kinda squarish. And oblong. And rubberized, so it bounces when you drop it. Which is why finding it was such a pain in the ass.

Oh yeah. It’s been found now! So we’ll be doing some geocaching soon.

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Cornmaze Map!


All that talk about this on Friday and I didn’t post the image… Sorry about that.

Geo Art

Let’s say, just as an example, that you’ve done a team building exercise at work involving a corn maze and you’ve now got a GPS track that you want to use as a piece of artwork. Trouble is, not many graphics programs can understand a GPS tracking file. The best (and so far only) tool I’ve found so far that will convert tracks into vector artwork is Adam Schneider’s most excellent GPS Visualizer.
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Theory of Exercise

Did a bit of Geocaching in the Arb yesterday afternoon. My Wife and I kidnapped Scott H and hit two caches. The first one (GCP2T3) was on an island in the Huron, and required a bit of a balance beam act to get to. Scott found that one, and we dropped off the travel bug from Saturday’s caching in da U.P.
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‘Caching in the Great White North

Found a trio of caches today with the folks. My Wife says we should only count it as two and a half though, since one of them is a cache which thwarted us back when we looked for it in January. It was a lot easier to find without the hip-deep snow…
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One and a third…

My Wife & I added a cache to our tally over the weekend. Actually, it was closer to a cache and a third, but more about that later… Scott H was our transportation captain.

We hit one cache in a little park near an apartment that I used to live. Cache GCJJ1G for those of you playing the home game… It was a really nice walk through a very interesting park, especially because it was one that I’d lived right next to but hardly even knew about.
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My folks got a GPS receiver over the holidays and we spent a healthy chunk of the afternoon looking for little hidden canisters in various locations around the town. Three out of four isn’t bad for our first outing…
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