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A lovely evening out

Just had a very nice brewpub dinner with my Wife, my sister, PattiMST3K. Sadly, Lunar Geography was suffering another episode of head ‘plody, so she was unable to join us.

We all marveled at the tacky majesty of the Christmas edition of the Oriental Trading Company catalog. We learned that Patti had never experienced the festival of tiny hate that is a Chick Tract (no link, ‘cos they don’t deserve one). We had good pub food, good pub drink, and a lot of fun.

All in all, not a bad sixth anniversary.



Two years! Whooot!
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Mission Accomplished!

I got my Wife to totally lose her cool in the best possible way. And only 5 days late, which is not too shabby, all things considered.

Of course, I blame the puppies.
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Aloha, eh?

I did my routine check of the server logs this morning and discovered that someone over at the Honolulu Advetiser linked to one of my old entries!

I’m still new enough at this sort of thing to think that’s cool in a geeky sort of way…

So, anyway, hi there! If I’d known you were coming I would have dusted or something… As it is, I’m at least going to reorganize the category archives so that the entries display in chronological order. Otherwise it’ll all start out with us married and then work backwards in time as we fire florists and caterers, dismiss guests, lose a hall and un-propose…

We’re married!

As of yesterday!

Things went well too, no great disasters. There were a few hiccups, of course. For example at the reception I had to send the caterers out for soft drinks. And during the ceremony there was a little bit of left-right confusion both when I was walking my mother-in-law down the aisle and when my wife was figuring out which hand of mine got the ring.

I’m still geeking out when I say the word “Wife.” It’s great!
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You know what the toughest part of comedy is?

I took the day off of work (thus the late update) and did a lot of the last minute running around. Right now, all of the table decorations and favors and such are in the back of the truck along with the sound system… Pretty much everything but the beer and wine is loaded up and ready to go. It’s all locked up in the garage… It’d suck to have it all stolen out of the back of the truck two days before the wedding. That’s a lot of origami critters to fold in a very short time.
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Pod people

I’m interviewing the wedding DJ while I’m at work…

Actually, that’s a lie. But sort of not. Oh it’s all so complicated…

Basically, my Fiancee and I put together a huge playlist of cocktail, dinner and dancing music on my old reliable first generation 5-Gig iPod. I’ve got it piped through the sound system at work to make sure that it’s all what we expect… I’ve already found one song that got into the dancing mix that ought to have been in cocktail hour.

This doesn’t mean that we’re all going to to turn into freakishly dancing black silhouettes at the reception, does it? I hope not…
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Rehearsed and fed

The wedding rehearsal was a couple of hours ago, and things went great. Everybody knows where to stand, how to walk in, how to hand people off and so on. The groomsdudes and brideschicks have been briefed on where they need to stand and the readers have had a chance to look at their readings. The pastor and I went through and worked out which hymns go best where, and we’ve arranged things so that my Sis (who has a key to the place) will be able to let the florist in and get things situated.
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I Missed the Fame Bus.

Well, it looks like I missed out on a chance to be part of a Salon article on “Groom Blogs.” I’d gotten an e-mail about it a couple days ago, but it got shuffled off to my slush pile. Probably just as well. I don’t really consider this a “Groom Blog” any more than I consider it a “Photography Blog” or a “Wine Blog.” Being a groom and the related wedding stuff is just an extension of the stuff that I usually blather on about. Getting married is a huge and important part of my life, but not going to make it my sole writing subject.
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Bored Kid Bags

We’ve got an idea for the wedding reception. Something nifty and simple that’ll (hopefully) keep any little kids entertained while all of the grownups are milling about being boring. We’ve been calling them “Bored Kid Bags”, but they may turn out better as little boxes or something. We figure there’ll be less than a dozen kids there, so we put together twelve simple little activity kits. Each one has washable crayons and blank paper, a little matchbox car, instructions on how to fold an origami cicada…

And a sock puppet.
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