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It will never sound the same…

Lunchtime Movie Review

So, I sometimes get insomnia. Usually I can get past it by watching a movie or listening to music. A couple nights ago I had a bout of insomnia and decided to combine the two by firing up Netflix and seeing what they had for streaming movies about music. I found an interesting sounding documentary: “A to Zeppelin – the Unauthorized Story of Led Zeppelin.

How “Unauthorized” was it? It was so unauthorized that they didn’t have permission to play any actual songs by Led Zeppelin. They got early publicity stills, they got interviews with the band’s contemporaries and early influences, they’ve got everything for a blow-out retrospective. Except for any actual music by the actual band.

Dwell on that for a moment, because that’s what ruined this movie.

I finally turned it off after the third or fourth interview with a 70’s rocker who was going on about how he was talking with “Bonzo” Bonham about how his drumming on Moby Dick changed his own band’s sound. That sort of interview is absolutely pointless if you don’t then go and play either Moby Dick or the other band’s tune or, preferably, bits of both.

Final grade: D.