Band Aid Label

“In case of serious injury, consult a medical professional.”

That’s what it says on the side of the band-aid box. I noticed it this morning when I was getting ready for work. There it was, sitting in the medicine cabinet, staring at me. A blue band with white letters.

“In case of serious injury, consult a medical professional.”

Has common sense become so incredibly uncommon that we need to let people know that a serious injury can’t be patched up by a box of band-aids? I think that warning showed up at about the same time that they made it so that you didn’t have to pull on a little piece of red string to open a band-aid wrapper. Heck, with the new wrappers a sufficiently dexterous person can open them with one hand.

Maybe that was the problem. Did someone lose a hand in a tragic kitchen accident and then use a whole box of band-aids in an attempt to reconnect hand and wrist? I can just picture them in their bathroom, peeling open wrappers and slapping the sticky elastic on their arms, all the while thinking to themselves, “Thank goodness they got rid of those bits of string! I’d never have been able to open those things with one hand.”

After the inevitable lawsuit, someone would remark, “Things would have been so much different if there had only been some kind of warning on the box. If only it said, ‘In case of serious injury, consult a medical professional’ or something…”

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