Just to be clear…

I usually steer clear of politics here, but I just want to check on something. According to John McCain, it’s bad to be a celebrity, right?
So, why was he not using this tactic when he was trying to win his party’s nomination over a former senator turned actor?
Also, doesn’t this sort of fly in the face of his party’s worship of a former B-grade Western cowboy?
Perhaps this is a new rule. In which case, I’m sure he’ll be very careful to not repeat mistakes like making a cameo appearance in the movie Wedding Crashers.

One response to “Just to be clear…

  1. I just didn’t get that “biggest celebrity on the planet” commercial. Jeff had to explain to me that he was saying that Obama is like Britney Spears and the other one he showed. That is about the stupidest comparison on earth! And somehow, it’s even more offensive when McCain’s little white head pops on at the end to say he “approves this message”.

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