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Old Technology

This week’s comic hearkens back to the early days of the Inter Tubes.

Tarte del la Lune

This week’s comic is a tasty, exotic morsel.

A lovely evening out

Just had a very nice brewpub dinner with my Wife, my sister, PattiMST3K. Sadly, Lunar Geography was suffering another episode of head ‘plody, so she was unable to join us.

We all marveled at the tacky majesty of the Christmas edition of the Oriental Trading Company catalog. We learned that Patti had never experienced the festival of tiny hate that is a Chick Tract (no link, ‘cos they don’t deserve one). We had good pub food, good pub drink, and a lot of fun.

All in all, not a bad sixth anniversary.

Victor 22279 – Halloween Musical Special

T’Ain’t No Sin – George Olsen and His Music. 3.9 MB mp3 file.

Can’t You Understand? – The High Hatters. 5.4 MB mp3 file.

Victor 22279 sides A and B from 1929. The “A” side is what earned this record the special update for today. It’s a damn fine tune, just slightly creepy and eminently danceable. If I had a band of my own, I’d totally do an updated cover of this.

You know what I really need?

I need a set of speakers that can fry my face off if I get too close.

Zombie Zombie’s

This week’s comic is an experiment in flavor.

Institute for Advanced Mad Science!

Have YOU ever considered a career in Mad Science?


Hexagon Frost

Another bit of fun with Context Free. Sourcecode for this one is below the break.
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Man of the Cloth

Now, I’m really happy for you and I’m gonna let you finish this week’s comic, but Tutankhamun had one of the the best sarcophagi of all time…

Color Tangle

Color Tangle

Working a bit with the Context Free graphics language. Kinda fun. I’m going to use it to help generate peculiar organic borders and decorative flourishes for some upcoming projects.