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Movie questions

I learned some important lessons from the movies. In this week’s comic, I share the two most important ones with the world.

Getting on with it

This week’s comic bears up under the strain.

New Year, New Routine

So… We’ve dragged ourselves, kicking and screaming, into the year 2006. We’ve got a Wii.

Part of this is for a future, Big Lebowski themed party – a game console is slightly more portable than an entire bowling alley – but the other part of it is for the Wii Fit balance board attachment.
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New Year, New Comic

This week is when we find out what a sema is for.

Twelve Days

I wasn’t sure if I should do something based off of “Twelve Monkeys” or “28 Days Later.” So instead, you get this very special Christmas comic.

Stack of Stone

This week’s comic sets the groundwork for future innovations in creative accounting.

Time Machine

For some reason I woke up with this week’s comic stuck in my head as the remnant of a dream.


This week’s comic is based on my actual condition at the moment.

Meticulous Metal

This week’s comic has been carefully arranged into a precise order.


Where the wind goes whistling down the plains. And right into this week’s comic.