New Year, New Routine

So… We’ve dragged ourselves, kicking and screaming, into the year 2006. We’ve got a Wii.

Part of this is for a future, Big Lebowski themed party – a game console is slightly more portable than an entire bowling alley – but the other part of it is for the Wii Fit balance board attachment.

Starting in the middle of last year, we got started on a more serious work-out regimen than in the past. My wife has been really good about working out every day, starting on July 1 last year. I’ve been… well… less good than that. I do two or three workouts a week, usually weights or long hikes.

I’ve only had the thing set up for two days and so far it’s a lot of fun. The aerobic regimen is pretty cool – I’ve never done a lot of Dance Dance Revolution or similar step-rhythm games, so the odd little dance game is a challenge. And the hula hoop game is a blast. Hopefully, it’ll remain interesting enough that I’ll keep using it on a regular basis.

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