Juneau Juggler

On Saturday the 3rd My Wife and I were wandering through Juneau Alaska, enjoying the sights of the city and doing some shopping. We’d just left a nifty little used book store and were heading back toward the waterfront when we noticed a sign. It was sort of like the standard ones you see in Ann Arbor, cautioning people that they could be ticketed for skateboarding. This one had a little map of the downtown and a list of forbidden transportation in the area.

No Skateboards
or Unicycles

At first we were skeptical that there could be such a thing as a unicycle problem, let alone that a city the size of Juneau would have a problem with excessive unicycle traffic, but less than half a block away we spotted this guy heading through traffic…

So, there you have it. Photographic proof that roving bands of club wielding unicycle hooligans are plaguing downtown Juneau, terrorizing small children and hot dog vendors with their horrifying displays of public juggling.

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