Cranberry in the bottle

The cranberry wine is all nice and bottled up. It’s nice and sweet, and this time I made sure to add stabilizer so that it wouldn’t come back to life in the bottle. I also managed to prep the exact number of bottles I needed and just one extra cork.

A trio of bottles came with us to the condo tonight, one for Dirge & Shar to take with them on their journey to the west coast, one for Chris & Stacy to take home, and a third for us to enjoy as part of the hyphenation-enhanced post-packing pre-move going-away get-together.

I’ve got about twenty bottles left. I mostly used clear bordeaux style bottles, which show off the color of the wine really nicely, but I also wound up going with a half dozen or so light green riesling bottles. I’d bought a case of clear bottles from a local brewing supply place, but it turned out that the tops were threaded for capping. Still usable with corks, but the shrink-wrapped tops don’t look anywhere near as good over the threading.

So, naturally, they’re the ones I’m getting rid of first.

I still need to do up labels for them… I’m pretty sure the name we’re going with is some variation on “Ka-BLAM-berry”, which makes a lot more sense once you’ve read about The Great Turkey Fiasco of 2002… Obviously, we’ve been waiting for this wine to be ready for quite some time.

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