It’s the William Tell overture

You know where the Lone Ranger takes his garbage right?

To the dump, to the dump, to the dump-dump-dump!

Yeah. Bad joke. But guess where we went today!

We dropped off the dead dishwasher, air conditioner and microwave from the condo, as well as the old bathroom fixtures from the house. It’s good to get the garage space back. It also gave us a huge feeling of accomplishment.

And a funny story.

After we’d dumped the AC unit into the dumpster of formerly Freon filed flingables, we started brushing the dirt that had been stuck to it out of the back of the truck. Until a jumpsuited dude who looked like he hadn’t bathed in ages started shouting at us.

“What are you doing!?”

“Brushing out the truck.”

“You can’t do that! You expect us to clean that up?!”

This took some thought. I mean, here we were being all inconsiderate and getting dirt all over his nice clean dirt. And it wasn’t like we were in a dump or anything. Perhaps they had a numbered dumpster for truck detritus and we weren’t sweeping things out into the correct receptacle. Still, the guy looked plenty steamed about it. We decided to leave before he launched any more cognitive dissonance in our direction.

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