Sunny Stormy Ohio

Well, we’re at the convention. And for the umpteenth year running, they’ve screwed up our convention badges. It’s become something of a tradition, I’m afraid. I did what I could, giving them the list of Ann Arbor names, as well as telling them that Bryan and Greg are the East Coast contacts and that they’d have the full list of East Coast names… We’ll see how it goes.

The drive down was toasty. Thermometer readings were in the upper 90 range, so the few rest stops we made were done in shifts, sorta. Someone stayed in the car so that we wouldn’t have to turn the air conditioning off. My Wife took a ton of pictures with the camera we’ve been loaned, getting used to its functions and foibles before the convention gets into full swing.

We’ll probably have to do at least one Kinkos run. While I was in line waiting to straighten out the botched batch of badges, I chatted with someone who was enthusiastically looking forward to the Smithee show on Friday night.

I told him he’d probably be a bit disappointed, since the show was on Saturday.

You guessed it. As Bryan has already discovered and posted at the main Smithee web site, the convention book lists two different nights in two different places. And it doesn’t list a location at all.

Which means it’s time for me to do some posters…

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