It’s a start…

This is a work in progress, but here’s a set of partial rules for a Ghost Hunters Drinking Game!

Any suggestions for additions should be sent to the obfuscated e-mail address in the navigation bar over there on the left…

Viewers should divide into two teams: The Skeptics and The Believers. Ok, you don’t have to, but it’s more fun that way… There will be times during the show when Skeptics drink, there will be times when Believers drink, and there will be times when Everyone drinks!

Everybody Drinks When:

Jason says, “Let’s go dark.”

Jason says, “Let’s wrap it up.”

Jason says, “Me and Grant.”

TWO drinks if he ever says, “Grant and I.”

Grant explains that “Orbs are just energy.”

They show the Day Job

They use their plumbing equipment for ghost hunting. Yay Rotocam!

They acknowledge the presence of the SciFi camera crew

TWO drinks if a SciFi crewmember speaks

They refer to a “Full Body Apparition” as the “Holy Grail”

Someone gets excited about something they see, and they immediately cut to a commercial

Skeptics Drink When:

Equipment fails (camera falls down, batteries die, laptop crashes, etc.)

Someone plays a prank on the Ghost Hunters (team horseplay counts)

The Ghost Hunters realize they’re recording themselves

Tape reviewers call a ‘huddle’ and decide they’re looking at something mundane (dust / bugs instead of an orb, etc.)

The “Reveal” does not include any technical equipment

Believers Drink When:

Two forms of equipment (EMF & thermometer) pick up on “something”

Someone claims to have a “prickly” or “heavy” feeling

They bring in a non-scientific investigator (demonologist, dowser, etc.)

Something strange on tape can’t be explained as mundane

The “Reveal” involves setting up any sort of equipment

The “Entity” rule! Everyone should pick a favorite euphemism for ghost (ex: Spirit, Entity, etc.). Drink when they use that term.

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