The Wife Guest Blog

Hi all! It’s day 4 of the December blog a day challenge and this is your Sunday guest reviewer boo! I was going to do this theme thing with Christmas and pictures and fancy shmancy artsy fartsy and all that, but it didn’t happen. Instead, I’ve got a couple snaps of what we’re doing this fine Sunday, sort of a day in the life if you will.

I don’t have pics of us getting up past noon. Sorry, we’re just not photogenic that early in the morning.


I do have pics of our Sam’s run spoils. Look what you can get at Sam’s club: 50lbs of kitty litter! Sometimes I love this store. Wheee!


Then it was time to have a bit of a sit down. Guess who this is? And you didn’t think my husband was going to make an appearance.


Beer of the evening, beautiful beer. Beer makes an appearance. Yay beer.


Oh right. We stopped off to get some more Japanese Snack Foods because someone’s wife is addicted to these things.


…aaaaand I also forgot to mention that a certain husband of mine found half of the garage so we can park the truck inside. Look at that!


Speaking of cool things my husband does, these are the slippers he got me for our anniversary. Yay! Toasty feet. We both appreciate them.


Warm slippers, beer, computers and Law & Order. Constants in this world.


Snoozing kitties, also another constant. That’s about all I have for the Sunday guest review picto-blog. Sorry it’s not much but we are late for pasties and Stargate. Ciao!

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