Tracked Music

Last week on the 3rd (even though it posted on the 4th), I mentioned that I’d found a cool old game that I remembered from my college days. It was called Star Control II back then, but now it’s been open-source released as The Ur-Quan Masters. Anyway, one of the most memorable things about the game was the soundtrack. It turns out that the folks who composed the music for the game have a site of their own where they’ve posted some remixes and updates to their old tunes.

Only minor difficulty is that they’re in oddish file formats. The new music is available for download in Ogg Vorbis file format. The old music that they’ve posted is in the original MOD format from the game itself. Neither of them will play in iTunes without a little bit of tweaking.

Xiph has a very nice open-source Ogg Vorbis Quicktime Plugin that should let both Quicktime Player and iTunes play the files.

That’s the easy one.

The MOD files are tricky. The best MOD player out there for a long time was Player Pro, which has been discontinued. There is an open-source alternative though, called CocoMOD. I haven’t tried it myself, but the feature list for the program does say that it will output MOD files in WAV format. These can then be dropped into iTunes and played back without a hitch.

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