Darn fine show!

Caught the Ann Arbor Film Fest earlier tonight with my Wife and one of her college buds. Really good selection of films in this batch: nothing too migraine inducing, and even those that were kind of strangely experimental were still quite good.

Favorite of the night for me was “Darling Darling“, a short film that perfectly captured all of the stress of a kid meeting his girlfriend’s parents for the fist time. I had a really hard time watching that movie without laughing out loud.

Least favorites was kind of a toss-up. “Bit Parts” was kind of painful to listen to, but that may have been the fault of the theatre technical crew. “Ikea Indian” was painful to watch, and that was deliberate. Every frame was hand tortured and torn. The intention was probably to create an antique, documentary look, but the effect was like looking at a tattered flip-book animation under a blinding strobe light.

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