Little pinging sounds

My house is making odd little sounds as it cools off for the night. There’s the occasional creak and thunk as boards shift slightly, the odd soft “bong” from the air vents as they relax. It’s sort of like being inside an enormous bread pan, listening to the sound it makes when it cools off after being in the oven.

I’ve got a timer / thermostat that helps keep the furnace from running all the time during the winter. It lets the house drop to around 60° when we’re at work or asleep, and it starts warming things back up before we have to get up in the mornings, and before we get back from work. Much easier and more comfortable than turning the temperature up and down manually all the time. Plus, given the way energy prices have climbed in the past few years, it’s also saved us a considerable chunk of change.

As a side effect, it’s spawned an odd phrase that we use on vacation days, or at other times when our actual schedule doesn’t match up with our usual schedule: “Tell the house that we’re home.”

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