November is, as you know, Nanowino month. To help celebrate, I’ve started up a new batch of our infamous Apple Wine using several gallons of cider from Wasem’s Fruit Farm. We got it last week, at about the same time we acquired our Jack-O-Lantern pumpkins… If you want to call them pumpkins.

We got one fairly standard round orange gourd – your textbook pumpkin as seen in dioramas and childhood sketches since time immemorial. We also got two…. things.

The proprietress described them as “Australian Squash.” They’re a glossy, lumpy, blue-grey gourd that looks and feels, in the words of Lunar Geography: “like it’s been moisturized.” Absolutely perfect for their future roles as “Zombie pumpkin” and “Frankenstein’s monster-pumpkin.” I’ll post pictures of them later, both pre- and post-carving.

We also got cider. Seven gallons of it. One gallon was happily consumed along with a dozen tasty Wasem’s doughnuts over at LG and Badmovie’s house. Another gallon is sitting comfortably in my fridge right now. The remaining five have been mixed with the appropriate sugars and nutritive ingredients and are in a big plastic fermenter, slowly becoming wine.

Here’s the technical notes, just so that I can track ’em down again when things are ready to bottle:

  • Specific Gravity: 1.19
  • Sugar Content: 22%
  • Potential Alcohol: 12%

The last gallon of cider will shortly be moved from the fridge to the freezer so that it can be used to top the glass carboy off when the wine is racked at the end of Nanowino…


You know, I just followed the link at the top of this post and it’s not about wine at all. I guess I’ll just have to start writing something….

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