So, I’m writing thanks to the wireless network here at the Bradley International Airport. We just got done with a lovely little Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Gaming convention at Smith College – our second year there, hopefully of many more. We’ve commenced the long journey back home, flying for an hour or two, then sitting in another airport for a couple of hours before flying for a few hours more.

The con itself was a huge amount of fun, and I got to meet (and re-meet) a batch of ‘net luminaries and comics artists. Jennie Breedon, Jeph Jacques, Randall Munroe, Kathy Peterson and a bunch more that I haven’t had time to process or acknowledge. And Real Live Published Authors like Lynn Flewelling and Patricia Briggs. We had panels! Discussions! Presentations and tips on what not to do when making movies! Lots of caffeine! And nowhere near enough sleep.

Fortunately, our plane doesn’t board for another hour and a half, and I’ve got no problem sleeping sitting in a chair in an airport lounge. Or, for that matter, on the airplane itself.

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