Ah, memories…

We got a mailer today for an Adobe design conference. It included a little calendar of events to help you plan out your registration, as well as reminders of other things going on at the same time. One of the things it mentioned was that July 1st was “Early Bird Discount” day.

Ah yes… Early Bird Discount Day… I remember that from my youth. Waking up early in the morning to celebrate by sharing Early Bird Discount presents, all wrapped up under the festively decorated Early Bird Discount tree. People in shops and on the street sharing happy Early Bird Discount greetings, singing Early Bird Discount carols. The cards, the cookies, the candies and the traditional Early Bird Discount family dinner…

Of course, nowadays, it’s all too commercialized. Stores put their Early Bird Discount decorations and items on sale months in advance. By the time Early Bird Discount day rolls around, you’ve become oversaturated with all the promotions and sales. It’s nothing like the Early Bird Discount days I remember, so long ago.

2 responses to “Ah, memories…

  1. Wait…July 1st was Early Bird Discount Day? WAH! I missed it!

    Also, I’m very sorry that I didn’t get anybody any Early Bird Discount Day presents this year (on account of missing the day entirely). I suck; I’ll try to be doubly Early Birdy Discounty next year!

  2. Isn’t that the day where everyone gets a discount if the Early Bird sees its shadow? Or is it the one that celebrates the miracle of Erli Baird, who made a 2-day-only sale last a full 8 days?

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