Dead to the World

Book seven of 2010 is Charlaine Harris’ fourth Sookie Stackhouse novel. I actually finished this yesterday, but I didn’t want to double-up on posts. Also, since my wife hasn’t read this book yet, I’m going to try to avoid spoilertastic details, which means this review is going to be pretty short.

Eric, one of the more powerful local Vampires, has a supernaturally induced case of amnesia. Sookie finds Eric and is convinced to give him temporary shelter and protection in her house while his minions and associates work on finding him a cure. Sookie tries to keep herself uninvolved apart from her guardian duties, until her brother Jason vanishes mysteriously and she has to use her telepathic powers to find him.

Both this and the previous book were really fast reading – not terribly challenging mind candy. They’re basically supernatural romance / mystery books, with a bit more emphasis on the romance side of things. A fun book for a rainy day at home.

Pages: 292 in paperback

Total page count: 1779

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