Shambling Toward Hiroshima

The book is written as an autobiography (or suicide note – the writer hasn’t decided) from the perspective of retired “B” movie monster actor Syms Thorley. He spends most of his time traveling from hotel to hotel on the monster movie convention circuit, greeting the fans, sharing tales of old Hollywood, and dealing with the aftermath of his role in ending World War II.

Picture this: It’s the summer of 1945 and World War II is winding down in Europe. Unfortunately, things in the Pacific theater are likely to drag on for years in a slow, bloody island-to-island conflict – unless Japan surrenders. The United States military has developed a super-weapon so horrible that they’re reluctant to unleash it, but they’ll demonstrate it on a small scale to representatives from Japan in the hopes that they’ll carry the news back to Tokyo.

The weapon? Giant, fire-breathing mutant lizard creatures, sixty feet high, nearly indestructible, and with a craving for human flesh. The problem? It’s far too dangerous to unleash the full-sized beasts for a demonstration on US soil. And the miniature lizards lack the killer instincts of the big monsters. In fact, they’re cute and playful, and not at all inclined to smash the tiny model city that the Army has built for the demonstration.

Enter “B” movie monster actor Syms Thorley. Dressed up in a flamethrower equipped costume, it’s his top-secret job to play the role of his life, smash the tiny model city and terrify the visiting dignitaries so much that they’ll end the war in the Pacific.

Page Count: 192

Total page count: 3269

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