Blood Lite

This book is a collection of short horror stories. The title is a bit misleading – only a few of the stories involve vampires, but the collection as a whole does shed a bit of blood.

There are a couple of outstanding stories in the collection – the Harry Dresden short story by Jim Butcher is great. It’s the last story in the book for a reason. There were a couple of laugh out loud lines, such as when Harry and his friends are playing D&D and he starts complaining about how “real magic” doesn’t work like the magic in the game. Their reaction: “It’s like taking a physicist to a Star Trek movie.”

Unlike the earlier collection, Mean Streets, there really aren’t any disappointing stories in this volume. There are a few which feel like they’ve been excerpted from a larger work – either a short story within a greater continuity, or a springboard for something new – but every story stands on its own quite well. There’s a good cross-section of the monster population. The horrors include the traditional (VERY traditional) vampires and werewolves, ghouls and gibbering monstrosities from beyond space and time, and range as far as mocking co-workers and washed-up fire fighting spokesbears.

Page count: 458

Total page count: 7604

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