The Name of the Wind

Out at the edge of a tottering empire, a traveling scholar has found a man that he believes was once the greatest magician adventurer of recent memory. This man was a brilliant bard, a notable swordsman, and one of the few to master the deepest magic – commanding the structure of reality by calling on things by their True Names. Unfortunately for the scholar, this man is now living incognito as a humble innkeeper, and he refuses to tell his life story to anyone. Only as evidence mounts that an ancient evil is stirring again does he break this silence.

This is a huge story, or at leas the start of a huge story. The tale is mostly in the form of flashbacks, narrated to the scholar, with brief interludes of the character’s present circumstances scattered through the book. In a way, this is disarming; there’s no great worry that the hero will get killed in these adventures – after all he does live to tell his tale. On the other hand, there is no guarantee of survival for any of the other people he met in the past…

Overall, the book is a fun read, and the start of something epic. Hopefully the next volume will be out before too much longer.

Pages: 662

Total pages: 9778

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