Rehearsed and fed

The wedding rehearsal was a couple of hours ago, and things went great. Everybody knows where to stand, how to walk in, how to hand people off and so on. The groomsdudes and brideschicks have been briefed on where they need to stand and the readers have had a chance to look at their readings. The pastor and I went through and worked out which hymns go best where, and we’ve arranged things so that my Sis (who has a key to the place) will be able to let the florist in and get things situated.

My Fiancee nearly broke the pastor at one point during the proceedings. We were all up by the altar and he was telling us that we’d just do an outline of the ceremony, without the actual vows, since “if we did that now, there’d be no point in coming back next week.” My Fiancee got a mischievous look on her face and growled “Man and wife! Say ‘Man and Wife!'” under her breath. The pastor, trying very hard to maintain a sort of dignified control over us managed to smother a grin and merely looked at her and said, “Buttercup?”

And if you don’t know what that’s all about, you really need to see this movie.

I’ll write more about the rehearsal dinner later. The only reason I’m up this late at all is that I had one of Paesano’s excellent cappuccinos and I’m far too twitchy to sleep. Right now I’m buzzing around like one of those little plastic guys on an Electric Football set.

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