You know what the toughest part of comedy is?

I took the day off of work (thus the late update) and did a lot of the last minute running around. Right now, all of the table decorations and favors and such are in the back of the truck along with the sound system… Pretty much everything but the beer and wine is loaded up and ready to go. It’s all locked up in the garage… It’d suck to have it all stolen out of the back of the truck two days before the wedding. That’s a lot of origami critters to fold in a very short time.

And folks are arriving in small folk-shaped droves. My Aunt B got in last night after missing her first flight, and my Uncle E arrived this evening. He grew up in the area and moved away a while ago. We figure it’s the first time he’s been back for close to twenty years. We had dinner and then zipped over to the hotel to see who all else had checked in. In the parking lot, we ran into an old friend of my Fiancee, and chatted for a while. Apart from my family, they’re the only ones in on our group rate so far, but two more people should be showing up tomorrow.

Meanwhile, we’re trying to relax before the weekend gets into the parts that we’ve got sliced up into hourly schedule chunks. My Fiancee has a sore foot that she’s soaking in hot water and epsom salts in the hopes that it’ll improve to the point where she won’t be limping down the aisle. We’ve got glasses of hot spiced wine and, just to peak out the geek credibilty here, we’re both on-line with our powerbooks and listening to “Wierd” Al Yankovic’s latest album “Poodle Hat” which I bought off of Apple’s iTunes Music Store.

The only thing I don’t like about the iTunes version is that it doesn’t have the liner notes and lyrics, which I really want for the song “Bob”. It’s a style parody of Bob Dylan, and all of the lyrics are palindromes… It takes a certain kind of madness to do something like that, and a certain kind of brilliance to do it so well… The song ends with the triumphant declaration, “Go hang a salami, I’m a lasagna hog!” and the rest of the lyrics make just about as much sense…

If you’ve got iTunes installed on your computer, this link should take you right to the album… If you don’t have iTunes, you really ought to go get it…

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