We’re married!

As of yesterday!

Things went well too, no great disasters. There were a few hiccups, of course. For example at the reception I had to send the caterers out for soft drinks. And during the ceremony there was a little bit of left-right confusion both when I was walking my mother-in-law down the aisle and when my wife was figuring out which hand of mine got the ring.

I’m still geeking out when I say the word “Wife.” It’s great!

The reception and wedding went by really fast, but everyone seemed to have a good time. We mingled, we ate, we danced, we talked… And I can’t think of a thing that I’d do differently if I had to do it all again. Well… Maybe we’d get less beer. Right now we’ve got about half a keg left in the garage. It’s Ann Arbor Brew Pub Red Snapper, so it’d be a shame to let any go to waste. We’re filling any kind of sealable bottle with beer before we return the keg. We’ve got a one gallon glass jug in the fridge, along with a 2 liter bottle. We had lunch with my folks and my sister today, and when they came over I had her bring as many empty bottles as she could find… I sent her home with a gallon and a half of the stuff.

If I knew y’all better, and could send beer over the internet, I’d offer some to all of you too… As it is, we’re finding excuses for beer use. We’ve had beer-boiled bratwurst for dinner, and Mr. Paul suggested a beer-based chili. We’re planning on getting the ingredients, making up a huge bach and freezing it for future lunches.

Today was a day of beurocracy. We hit the Secretary of State and the Social Security offices to handle my Wife’s name change. One of the folks at the Sec’y of State’s place asked if it was me or her who was changing names, which was kinda fun. After careful contemplation she agreed with our assessment that my name was cooler than my Wife’s… After that, filing the paperwork, took very little time. All in all, we spent two or three hours sitting in waiting rooms for roughly ten or fifteen minutes of working with people. Still, we got a lot done, and we’re going to deal with the benefits office and similar stuff tomorrow…

And I’ll try to write more then.

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