Holy crap! Now it’s useful!

Whoo hoo! I found a printer driver for the dye sublimation printer! It actually makes the Kodak 8670 PS printer useful under Mac OS X!

And now that I’ve got the keywords in my text for the search engines to find, it’s only fair for me to post a link to the site where you can download the driver. It’s kind of buried in their technical support pages, so some people may find this a useful shortcut.

Basically, this gives new life to a printer that’s been kind of under-utilized in our office. It produces photo-quality 300DPI glossy prints, and it’s been on our network for a while, but without an OS X driver we’ve been stuck using our legacy machine to print to it. That was a huge bottleneck… Everything had to get saved, closed, transferred to a network folder, opened on an old Powermac 9600 and exported using a Photoshop module that couldn’t queue up multiple prints in the background. Now we can just print directly from Photoshop. Queuing is handled by the OS. Very handy!

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