True Parking Tales

I got the last spot in the parking lot this morning. There were two big SUVs, one on either side of this space, and a big ol’ Caddy Escalade jockeying to try to fit between them. I couldn’t get past them to get out of the lot, so I waited for a minute or two while they did the slow back and forth dance of someone who doesn’t want to lose their rear view mirrors.

Eventually they gave up and pulled forward. Then they stopped and the driver got out of the car. I rolled down my window and asked if it was ok for me to park there or if they were going to give it another try.

He said “No, go ahead and park. I just want to watch this.”

Ok… Easy enough. I was able to just turn out a little bit and pull straight in. And as I was getting my stuff out of the car, I could hear the driver of the Escalade continuing an argument with his front seat passenger:

“See! I told you we should have gotten a bug! If you’d listened to me, we’d both be at work by now!”

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