Fifteen gallons of Fun!

Three of the wine batches are pretty much ready to go into bottles. The latest attempts at pumpkin and apple wine are crystal clear, and I’ve put finings in the cranberry, so it should be nicely clarified by the time we get back from up North. All I need to do is scrub out & sterilize the bottles and I’ll be able to spend some of the holiday vacation filling and corking.

I transferred the cranberry wine to a new carboy before I added the finings, and I tasted a bit of it. Even though fermentation has stopped, the wine is very sweet. Enough so that I’m a little worried about a repeat of the blueberry fiasco. Fortunately, this time I’m armed with some stabilizer which I added along with the finings. That ought to keep the wine from fermenting in the bottle.

Once those three are done, that’ll leave just the brown sugar apple and the strawberry wine unbottled. In all fairness the strawberry is probably ready to go as well. The carboy is a very clear bright red color that will probably look pink when it’s in a bottle or a glass. I tasted it when I racked it off of the initial fermentation a few months ago and, unfortunately, it seems kind of flavorless. Light and sweet, but without much of anything else.

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