Dead as a Doornail

Ah, Sookie Stackhouse. What on Earth is wrong with this woman? Why is she still hanging around here? She already knows that half of the Werewolf, Vampire, Faerie, Werepanther and representatives of pretty much every other supernatural social clique has some strange fixation with her. Why has she not skipped town and moved to somewhere – anywhere – else? It’s as if she she lacks any sense of self preservation.

I suppose the series would be less interesting if its main character actually started doing something sensible. Still, that’s no excuse for some of Sookie’s behavior. I mean, if you’ve already got one of the most powerful Vampires in the area obsessing about you, it’s probably not a good idea to tease him. Ditto for the Werewolf.

At any rate, the book is a nice, non-challenging read. Something to relax with on a rainy day or to spend a few minutes on during lunch breaks or while waiting for a bus or something. I managed to read through it in two fairly short sittings, and it didn’t do me any harm – apart from an urge to smack the main character on the head for stupidity every few pages.

Page Count: 320

Total page count: 6265

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