Persuader is Book 21 of the year. Lee Child wrote it. The main character is Reacher. Jack Reacher. He thinks and talks in very short sentences, and he’s extremely good at killing people. That was rather a long sentence. For Jack.

All kidding aside, this was a decently solid, action / mystery book. The main character is a tough former military policeman who has gone undercover with an off-the-books DEA investigation. The story is full of double-crosses, fake-outs and a bunch of other overly-hyphenated things. But the writing style…

Well, I guess it works for the author – this is the seventh book in a series, so obviously people are reading it – but to me it felt a lot like things had been pared down to the tiniest possible combination of simple words. It was very direct, very much an action movie written down. Or Dick and Jane. With guns.

Page Count: 496

Total page count: 6761

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